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It All Began with a Prayer…

When one begins to assess the growth of the ministry and gain some insight, you must first begin with the man or woman whose inspiration and dedication set forth the plan. Those persons are Pastor and Sis. Lynch. Elder Lynch was saved in Las Vegas, NV under the ministry of Elder Theodore Trent and was later called into the ministry and helped establish a church. Sis. Lynch was saved in Los Angeles, CA under the leadership of Elder Joseph Clark at the age of 13. She served in many capacities growing up in the church. Elder and Sis. Lynch has traveled throughout the United States preaching the “good news” of Jesus Christ. Many souls were saved and added to the Kingdom of God. They were members of the Bible Way C.O.G.I.C., under the leadership of Pastor Curtis Spears. Elder Lynch organized a Men’s Department. Outreach Program, Crusade, and Radio Broadcast. He also served as District Evangelist, Vice President of the South LA YPWW, and regional President of South LA Evangelist Dept. Sis. Lynch, as co-evangelist with her husband in his travels, ministered through Word and song.

She also organized the Women’s Department and Choir at Bible Way C.O.G.I.C., implementing many programs. She has organized Christian workshops and served as District Missionary for the St. Stephen’s District, and she is currently serving as State Workshop Director for the Southern CA 2nd Jurisdiction. In 1982, Pastor Lynch, being led of God, moved his family to San Diego and established the Revival Time Community C.O.G.I.C. Elder Ewell believing the vision relocated his family also to San Diego. The church began in a small room in the Fairmont Hall. Through prayer, outreach programs and the Radio ministry, many souls were saved and added to the church. As the church grew, clearly a larger building was needed. The Pastor and saints prayed and gave of their substance. September of 1983, the church moved to 4280 El Cajon Blvd. A shut-in was implemented once a month. A youth choir, young adult choir and usher board was organized.

The spirit of Revival was always there. Again, the membership out grew the building. Prophecy was given that God would bless us to move into a larger and more beautiful place. May 1, 1985, Pastor Lynch and Elder Ewell led the church to 3339 Adams Avenue. In that location, the Lord did mighty things. Souls were saved and added to the kingdom. New auxiliaries were organized. There were spirit filled concerts by the youth and young adult choir, and Annual days by department heads. There were also Revivals and Workshops that enhanced the ministry. The outreach ministry flourished through the local mission television ministry. In January, 1991, the lord began to speak to Pastor concerning a place of worship, as Habakkuk the Prophet did, saying, “The vision is for an appointed time, through it tarry, wait for it: for it will surely come.” July 1, 1991 word came from Bro. and Sis. White of a church on Alabama Street, and in spite of the odds, God gave us favor with owners. On September 1, Pastor Lynch and Elder Ewell led the church into 4328 Alabama Street. To God be the Glory for he things he has done! We are yet on television every Sunday morning on Cox Cable channel 23 at 8:00a.m. San Diego, in Vista and Oceanside channel 18. The television ministry has also extended to the Los Angeles area. We are currently being seen on channel 35 in Inglewood, CA and channel 38 in Los Angeles. The church is also involved in feeding and clothing the homeless every month.